Ashkan Haji Hosseinloo

I am a PhD candidate in department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT working with Prof. Turitsyn (Kostya Turitsyn's group). My PhD research focuses on nonlinear vibration-based energy harvesting; from fundamental limits to practical implementations. I study fundamental power limits of the vibratory energy harvesters and how nonlinearity could be exploited to approach these limits in practice. I also study the robustness of harvesters under parametric and environmental uncertainties. To address these robustness issues, I have proposed a new optimization philosophy for passive harvesters and a novel sliding mode controller for active variants that could successfully move the harvester to any desired attractor in the presence of uncertainties and unmodeled dynamics. More recently, I postulated the idea of using large-strain structural instabilities for effective energy harvesting at low frequencies.

In  general, I am interested in nonlinear dynamics, structural dynamics and vibrations, vehicle dynamics, and control theory​. I am particularly interested in leveraging nonlinearity, and mechanics of soft material and structural instabilities for a range of potential applications from energy harvesting to tunable structures, and to soft robotics. I am also interested in large-scale and complex dynamical systems; in particular to explore how the exchange of information and coordination between components could help improve the overall performance of the system.