Research Projects

My research is centered around dynamics and dynamical systems with a wide range of applications in structural dynamics and vibration, kinetic energy harvesting, and tunable structures and soft robotics.  

Part of my research has focused on system modeling, dynamical analysis, and vibration protection of devices/machines with sensitive internal components in harsh environmental conditions. A few of these projects include: 

  • system modeling and shock and random vibration protection of liquid-cooled (jet-impingement) electronics 
  • shock and vibration control of Humvees using semi-active suspension
  • high-velocity impact analysis and ruggedization of military transponders
  • mathematical modeling and shock and vibration protection of proton exchange membrane fuel cells for transportation industry
  • vibration analysis and protection system design for laptop computers 
  • modeling of tire-soil interaction in agricultural machinery 
  • bridge vibration analysis and control under dynamic vehicular load

My recent research has been about leveraging nonlinearity and instability to improve the current technology or to create a new technology in wide range of engineering applications with a focus on kinetic energy harvesting, tunable structures, and soft robotics.  Some of the projects include:

  • fundamental limits to nonlinear energy harvesting and techniques to approach them
  • energy harvesting under parametric and environmental uncertainties 
  • controlling structural instability in layered composites to create tunable structures for different applications such as soft robotics