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Conference Paper
Hosseinloo AH, Vahdati N, Yap FFah.  2011.  Elimination of spades in wheeled military vehicles using MR-fluid dampers. SPIE Smart Structures and Materials+ Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring.
Hosseinloo AH, Yap FFah.  2011.  A new passive vibration isolator design for random base excitations in zero and non-zero G-loading situations. Defense Science Research Conference and Expo (DSR).
Hosseinloo AH, Vu TLong, Turitsyn K.  2015.  Optimal control strategies for efficient energy harvesting from ambient vibration. 54th Annual Conference on Decision and Control (CDC).
Hosseinloo AH, Turitsyn K.  2016.  Optimization of vibratory energy harvesters with stochastic parametric uncertainty: a new perspective. SPIE Smart Structures and Materials+ Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring.
Hosseinloo AH, Bakhtiari-Nejad F.  2010.  Vibration analysis and control of a bridge under a heavy truck load. 2nd International Conference on Mechanical and Electrical Technology (ICMET).
Journal Article
Hosseinloo AH, Yap FFah, Vahdati N.  2013.  Analytical random vibration analysis of boundary-excited thin rectangular plates. International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics. 13(03)
Taghavifar H, Mardani A, Hosseinloo AH.  2015.  Appraisal of artificial neural network-genetic algorithm based model for prediction of the power provided by the agricultural tractors. Energy. 93
Hosseinloo AH, Yap FFah, Lim LYing.  2015.  Design and analysis of shock and random vibration isolation system for a discrete model of submerged jet impingement cooling system. Journal of Vibration and Control. 21(3)
Taghavifar H, Mardani A, Hosseinloo AH.  2015.  Experimental analysis of the dissipated energy through tire-obstacle collision dynamics. Energy. 91
Hosseinloo AH, Turitsyn K.  2015.  Fundamental limits to nonlinear energy harvesting. Physical Review Applied. 4(6)
Taghavifar H, Motlagh AModarres, Mardani A, Hassanpour A, Hosseinloo AH, Wei C.  2016.  The induced shock and impact force as affected by the obstacle geometric factors during tire-obstacle collision dynamics. Measurement. 84
Hosseinloo AH, Turitsyn K.  2015.  Non-resonant energy harvesting via an adaptive bistable potential. Smart Materials and Structures. 25(1)
Hosseinloo AH, Vahdati N, Yap FFah.  2013.  A Parametric Shock Analysis of Spade-Less, Lightweight, Wheeled, Military Vehicles Subjected To Cannon Firing Impact: A Feasibility Study of Spade Removal. International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 18(4)
Hosseinloo AH, Vahdati N, Yap FFah.  2012.  Performance of spade-less wheeled military vehicles with passive and semi-active suspensions during mortar firing. Vehicle System Dynam. 50(10)
Hosseinloo AH, Yap FFah, Chua ETat.  2014.  Random vibration protection of a double-chamber submerged jet impingement cooling system: A continuous model. Aerospace Science and Technology. 35
Hosseinloo AH, Tan SPin, Yap FFah, Toh KChuan.  2014.  Shock and vibration protection of submerged jet impingement cooling systems: Theory and experiment. Applied Thermal Engineering. 73(1)