Semi-active shock and vibration control of Humvees

Many armies are replacing heavy slow tracked vehicles with their lighter wheeled counterparts for their high mobility and better shoot and scoot capabilities. These features make the vehicle hard to track and target in counter-battery fire. However, when firing high caliber guns, spades (outriggers) are needed to connect the vehicle chassis to the ground, so as to transmit parts of the large firing force directly to the ground. Use of spades hinders the vehicle mobility, while elimination of them paves the way for having quicker and more mobile wheeled vehicles.  

In this project funded by Singapore Technologies Kinetics (ST Kinetics) we analyzed dynamic response of a Humvee under firing recoil and proposed semi-active suspension system equipped with MR (magnetorheological) dampers, and controlled by semi-active Skyhook control policy to improve the vehicle response. We showed that semi-active MR dampers improve the system response in heave, pitch, and fore-aft motions, and firing accuracy. Our results also showed that the spades can be removed from wheeled military vehicles if precautions are taken for the tires.  

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