Shock and random vibration protection of cooling systems

In the recent years, advances in high power-density electronics and computing systems have pushed towards more advanced thermal management technologies and higher-capacity cooling systems. Among different types of cooling systems, jet impingement technology has attracted attention and been widely used in the industry for its adaptability, cooling uniformity, large heat capacity, and ease of its localization. However, these cooling systems may not function properly in dynamically harsh environment inherent to many applications such as land, sea, and air transportation.

In this project we designed and fabricated a novel double-chamber submerged jet-impingement cooling system capable of dissipating 2kW of heat generated by electronics and circuit boards. To meet the shock and vibration requirements, we designed an optimal isolation and protection system for the cooling system by first designing and conducting experiments and extensively utilizing finite element simulations to guide our development of mathematical models for the cooling system and its chassis. Our exhaustive experimental results proved that the isolation system is very effective in protecting the chassis and its cooling system against performance degradation or any mechanical failures.

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